Curved Glass


curved architectural glass represents the future trend in construction and others materials and has seen rapid growth in worldwide demand. In response to an increase in architectural glass applications in sophiscated facades and the need for larger curved glass surfaces.
Exceptional technology is required to adjust the bending radius and control system parameters to achieve cylindrical and curved glass shapes. The glass is heated to correct temperature in the precisely controlled furnace, which eliminates overheating and optically flawless glass.

Strength: 3-5 times stronger than ordinary curved glass.
Appearance: No tong marks on the glass.
Stable Product Quality: Horizontal bending and tempering method ensures stable product quality.
Exceptional Optical Quality: Exceptional optical quality is especially prominent in bent tempered curved glass.

Areas Of Usage:

Bent tempered glass can be processed into bent tempered insulating glass.
Wavelike and curved curtain wall panels for offices, shopping centers, airports and concert halls.
External walls of revolving doors and exposed elevators.
Curved glass partitions inside offices.

Thickness :2mm-25mm

Max size:2440mmx3660mm


Curved Glass