Frosted Glass

Link Glass frosted glass products can be classified into two categories:
Sandblasted Glass
Acid Etched Glass

Link Glass Sandblast Glass


High-pressured sand is fired onto and cuts into the glass. The effect is a frosted texture.

Images: Frosted (Sandblast) doors used in offices

Link Glass: has its  own Sandblasting and Acid Etched production line in China to local & International orders.

Link Glass Acid Etched Glass


Link Glass is a clear float glass, one side of which has been treated with a high quality acid to produce a satiny translucent look. By softly filtering light through its velvety surface, Link Glass Acid Etched Glass softens contours and produces enthralling silhouettes in a very wide range of interior or exterior applications, making it a constant source of inspiration for any designer.

Areas Of Usage:

Any type of furniture (kitchens, bathrooms, offices, etc), shelves, partitions, shower screens, doors and fronts, tables, lightings, stairs and floors.

Double glazing for facade, glass for balconies, screens, doors, laminated as skylight, etc.


Thickness :2mm-25mm

Max size:2440mmx3660mm



Metrolite™ Acid Etched Glass Cupboards Used In Bedrooms

Metrolite™ Acid Etched Glass Doors Used In Offices

Metrolite™ Acid Etched Glass Cupboards Used In Toilets

Metrolite™ Acid Etched Glass Table Top