Switchable Glass

Window blinds won't be necessary if window glasses darken by themselves. Light-control glasses make this concept a reality. At the flick of a switch you can go from a clear glass to a translucent glass which still allows plenty of neutral light to enter.

Switchable Glass is a laminated glass, with a minimum of two clear or colored sheets of glass and a liquid crystal film, assembled between at least two plastic interlayers. A technologically advanced emulsion of liquid crystal integrated into a switchable interlayer unleashes the power to change the view from translucent to clear, electrically in a fraction of a second.

Our switchable glass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications (with protection). It inherits the benefits of laminated glass such as cutting down 99% of harmful UV rays, provide security, acoustic control properties and etc.

Bigger Size Available: Maximum size available 1500mm(Width) x 3000mm(Height).
Design Flexibility: Able to combine with different glass types and thickness to suit the requirements of individuals.
Appearance: Better translucency.

Areas Of Usage:

As partition walls in conference/ offices rooms to control privacy.
As exterior walls or windows to add an eye-catching dimension to commercial buildings.
As elevator windows.

Thickness :2mm-25mm

Max size:2440mmx3660mm


Opaque Vision   Clear Vision