Clear & Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass is a type of glass that has good solar control properties to reduce excess heat inflow and glare. It is manufactured by adding minute amounts of iron, nickel, cobalt, selenium, etc. into the glass composition.

Solar Control and Energy Saving
Compared to Clear Float Glass, Tinted Glass absorbs a higher level of solar radiation energy, thereby reducing heat transmittance and cutting down cooling load.
Glare Reduction
It softens the high contrast brightness of sunlight, therefore reduces excess glare.
Aesthetic Design
It provides to the individual a variety of colors to choose from.
Ensures Privacy
During the daytime, the interior tends to be darker than the exterior, thus making it difficult to see in. This property of Tinted Glass protects the privacy of those inside, while allowing the inside to see the outside clearly.
Link Glass has its very own: Computerized Cutting Platform Line: Employed to cut glass of different size with high accuracy at reduced time, power and wastage.
Link Glass carries a range of tinted glass which includes:
Green ,Blue,Grey, Bronze,Pink,Others

Thickness :2mm-25mm

Max size:2440mmx3660mm